Jeffrey Paul: Around The World In 40 Days

Jeffrey Paul

Around The World In 40 Days
21 February 2019
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It’s long been my goal to circumnavigate my birth planet. In February 2019 I finally achieved this.

On 8 January I departed Las Vegas and flew from KLAS-KDTW, depositing me in Detroit.

On 13 January I did KDTW-BIKF-EDDB, finding myself home, albeit only momentarily, in Berlin. ❆

Six days later, EDDT-EFHK. After landing in Helsinki, I ate a reindeer!

21 January, EFHK-RJAA. Tokyo may perhaps be my favorite city in the world. What was intended to be a weeklong trip turned into three (including a slight diversion into Disneyland).

Finally, a RJAA-KLAX-KLAS on 15 February (including a brief jaunt into Saturday the 16th, only to return to Friday upon crossing the international date line heading east) returned me to the origin of this trip. Longest Friday ever!

About The Author

Jeffrey Paul is a hacker and security researcher living in Berlin and the founder of EEQJ, a consulting and research organization.